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Kosher Gift Baskets

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of kosher gift baskets in Canada! The perfect Jewish gifts are now just a click away. Whether looking for Hanukkah gifts or just a treat for a good friend, business partner, or family member, you're sure to find exactly the right thing to surprise and please your dearest friends with our selection of products and collections.

Shopping for Jewish presents can be difficult at times; attempting to find products which conform to Kosher dietary guidelines can be a tedious task. We make it easy all products contained in the baskets below are certified Kosher (see basket product page for exact details).

Choose from delightful kosher gift basket selections including "Delicious Coffee Sensation," "A Kosher Sensation" or "A Coffee Treat With You" for the perfect present for friends and business clients. Looking for Hanukkah gifts? Look no further then "Hannukah Memories" or "Hannukah Wine Delight" for your Jewish friends and family, treating them to a gourmet experience that fits within Kosher guidelines.

The Kosher Symbols that are found in our Gift Baskets are the following:

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hanukkah gift baskets Jewish gifts Coffee and Cookie Royale (Kosher)
Hannukah Memories
In Stock
Price: $79.00
A Kosher Sensation
In Stock
Price: $105.00

Coffee and Cookie Royale (Kosher)
In Stock
Price: $120.00

Delicious Kosher basket
1186 hanukkah gift baskets 1185 Coffee gift baskets
Delicious Coffee Sensation (K)
In Stock
Price: $131.00
A Treat with You (Kosher)
In Stock
Price: $156.00