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Sympathy Baskets - Show Your Condolences

Suffering the loss of a loved one, friend or colleague can be difficult for all parties involved. When looking for bereavement gifts, it's important to pick something appropriate and tasteful that shows your support for those grieving. While condolence presents clearly will not replace what has been lost, your thoughts and gifts can provide comfort to those who are grieving. At Glitter Gift Baskets, we offer a selection of bereavement gifts that help those who are grieving and allow you to show your sympathy for their loss.

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chocolate baskets canada sympathy gifts Sympathy gift baskets
Sweet Comforts
In stock
Price: $63.00

In Loving Memory Deluxe
In Stock
Price: $89.00

Someone Special
In Stock
Price: $100.00


A Memorial Keepsake with the inscription " Deep in our hearts you will stay loved and missed every day"
gift baskets canada I am Always with you gift basket Condolences Deluxe Gift Basket
Deluxe Gourmet Cheese Delight
In Stock
Price: $110.00

I am Always with you gift basket
In Stock
Price: $112.00
Condolences Deluxe Gift Basket
In Stock
Price: $120.00

"I am always with you" Sympathy Keepsake Plaque included in this sympathy basket A Large Keepsake Sympathy Picture Frame with the Inscription "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure"
Gourmet Brie Deluxe gift basket Sympathy gift basket Montreal Bereavement Gift  Basket
Gourmet Brie Deluxe
In stock
Price: $126.00
In Our Thoughts Deluxe
Currently Unavailable
Price: $135.00

Bereavement Gift Basket
In Stock
Price: $140.00
-A Beautiful Keepsake Sympathy Angel Statue with the inscription "Always in our thoughts, forever in our heart A Large Sympathy Wall Plaque with the inscription "When you believe beyond what your eyes can see.. Signs from Heaven show up to remind you love never dies"
Deluxe Gourmet Feast
Deluxe Gourmet Sharing Feast
In Stock
Price: $178.00